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16 September 2009 @ 02:48 pm

The white melancholy blossoms without me having noticed. but I only see red.

Lovingly the white rose's thorns suck blood and attain a spreading blood-crimson shade of colour.


Summer depression.





You're just like the wind - scattering here and there yet leaving no trace in that wake of yours. You live in your own world, never letting any one stop you from dreaming.
Still, there are times when I see you as two. Sometimes you are like the sky, bluely spreading, gentle whilst still carefree as much as you like. You were never the same thing when I looked at you twice. There was always something about you that captivated me just like how the sky did.


But I do see one thing concurrent about you - you are so painfully faraway.

Letting go has never been once easy.



It was like a fleeting dream I dreamt. One of you, existent and not unreal.


When I looked up at the sky my mind was blank but then it has been slowly filled with soaring bluishness. Sadly but beautifully. It was haunting. My mind slept in that blue forever.









But my dreams back-stabbed me.

The pain is blinding, and I find myself craving for something to hold on to. If I couldn't help but thinking of anything even in my never ending dreamless sleep, at least I want it to be you.






When spring time comes, please bury me in the sky.

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Music: 白き優鬱